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Buried Secrets


September 13, 2019

Trying to find their way through triggered memories, Verdell, Dhorian, and Paul become victims of coincidence and circumstances. When a twisted plot of fate weaves their paths, will long-buried secrets bury them? The first of three dramatic thriller novels, Requiem: Origins' plot twists show just how dangerous secrets can be.



February 14, 2022

Tatiana, kidnapped and a witness to murder at 12, she is now grown and determined not to be a victim. Fate forces her to reconcile her past with present secrets.

Tiffany’s determination may help scoop local news. But when a stream of murders hit the city, it may not be enough on her quest for redemption.

Paul’s success came with great sacrifice and maybe a few indiscretions. The smoke and mirrors work for his constituents, but will it propel him to the Governor’s mansion?

Dhorian’s childhood bucket list has dwindled and he’s ready for a new challenge: confronting his past. Trying to keep alliances may prove detrimental or provide him with an unforeseen ally.

Verdell, imprisoned at 18, chose wet work instead of a life sentence. Years later, he’s still a cold-blooded killer, but an unexpected run in with his past may help him to find the heart he once lost.

Will their kept secrets stay buried, or will they be Exposed?”


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